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To the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Local Union #300 Chartered in 1939, we work with and support the working men and women of Vermont and New England. We represent members within the electrical trade, utilities, municipalities and other related industries. We sponsor an elite electrical apprenticeship program with post education classes to keep members trained on the latest technologies. We welcome your comments and look forward to meeting you.

Our Mission in Vermont

Our mission is to serve, represent and guide members in their ability to secure a healthy work-life experience for their fellow members, their communities in which they live, and their families.   Please contact us with your questions!

Jeffrey Wimette, Business Manager and Financial Secretary

Vermont Electricians News

  • 75th Anniversary of IBEW Local 300

    Celebrate with us our 75th Anniversary. 

    Saturday, October 4th 


    The Cornerstone Pub and Kitchen

    47 North Main Street, Barre, VT 

    The Barre Elks Club, 10 Jefferson St., Barre

    Cocktails at 6 pm (cash bar)       Dinner at 7:00 pm       

    Please RSVP by 9/25/14    802 864 5864

  • Business Manager's Message

    Local contractors are busy this summer, as are we, filling construction projects with Local members.  Please contact the office to inquire about job possibilities in your area.  Be well and be safe.  Have a great summer.

  • End of Year Praise for Line, Inside Workers

    December 26, 2013

    Hello Brothers and Sisters, at the time this article is being penned here in Vermont we are in the midst of a horrific ice storm. The positive to be taken from this situation is that there is possibly the largest IBEW presence in the state since 1998. You can`t look out your window without seeing an IBEW lineman. Social media is alive with praise for all their efforts. I would like to personally thank them all for their hard work and professionalism.

    The inside Unit is also making things happen, we have crews pushing themselves through subzero temperatures, and many other adverse weather conditions to insure that several solar projects will be completed on time and under budget. These Brothers and Sisters deserve our respect.

    It`s the performance of members like these that make it clear to me that we will re-take and surpass the ground we have lost. They are demanding their share.


    Tim LaBombard

    Membership Development Director

  • VT Introduces “Right-to-Work” Kryptonite Law, S.14 the “Fair Share Bill”

    With Missouri, Pennsylvania and other states threatening to go the “Right-to-Work” route this year, Vermont stands out as one of the few states setting the opposite example. With what might be described as an “Anti-Right-to-Work” law, Vermont’s Senate Committee on Economic Development voted 5-0 to introduce a “Fair Share Bill” which would require state workers grandfathered out of paying “agency fees” to do so. Those fees go towards costs associated with negotiating and enforcing contracts as well as representation during grievances. They do not, however, go towards political activities. Read More

  • IBEW Annual Motorcycle Ride!

    Dear Sisters and Brothers:

    The 2nd annual IBEW Motorcycle Ride will take place on Saturday, September 13, 2014, at 9:00 a.m. in Barre, VT.  This year's ride is dedicated to the 75th anniversary of Local Union #300; chartered on September 1, 1939.  Last year we rode through the beautiful towns of central Vermont.  We have a new route mapped out so everyone will enjoy the beautiful mountains, forests, quintessential towns of Vermont.

    We are continuing this event to encourage the continued comradery of our fellow sisters and brothers of the IBEW who live throughout Vermont and New England who continue to strive for solidarity.  

    This year’s registration fee is $XX.XX per participant. Registration will include the annual/75th anniversary t-shirt, lunch at the Barre Labor Hall, and good company. 

    Updates on the ride will be posted on a monthly basis, or call the IBEW union  office for details.

    With best wishes, I am

    Fraternally yours,

    Jeffrey C. Wimette
    Business Manager

  • DOL Changes Sought to Open Apprenticeship


  • Diversity Program Wins Accolades


  • Shammas : One Solution to Wars is Alternative Energy